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Sophie Walton, Oxfordshire

I really enjoy having lessons with Katie and would strongly recommend her. She ensures you are actively thinking about how you are riding, not just doing as you're told which I've had in so many previous lessons. Her mare is fantastic. I've gone from never having ridden a flying change to riding a full line of three time changes and changes in a serpentine. Lessons are never repetitive and always fun. Thank you Katie for keeping me in the saddle after losing my lovely boy.

Ella Hargreaves, Dorset

Highly recommend, Katie explains everything so well there isn’t any confusion. Her horses are loverly and I feel have have made a lot of progress as the lessons are not repetitive and it has been amazing to learn some of the more advanced movements which has helped me a lot with schooling my own and has given me a lot of preparation into the higher tests in dressage x

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Nikki Winkle, Cornwall

Highly recommend Katie Newland, my daughter had a really enjoyable lesson, we found that Katie was very passionate, driven and enthusiastic no matter what level you are working at. For us it gave my daughter the push that she needed to move on to the next level in dressage. What I liked is we had a de brief at the end of the session with Katie setting achievable targets to work on until the next session.

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Let Us Know What You Think

Sarah Phelps, Cheltenham

What a lovely horse and such an enjoyable lesson! How can someone so young be so knowledgable! I Think we all learnt a lot ... spectators and all. Highly recommend!!!!

Sharon Maguire, Norfolk

I spent a weekend in the Cotswolds training with Katie on her GP schoolmaster and it was fabulous! She was really able to explains the “how and whys” in a very simple way and taught me some subtle yet key changes to the way I was riding some of the more advanced movements to enable me to get better outcomes. It wasn’t just Katie that was great.. her GP mare is super !!! Amazing ride and helps you learn so much with Katie on the ground too. We had a clear plan for the weekend session with clear objectives and I definitely want to plan a return visit! I would thoroughly recommend her.

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Stewart Legg, Southampton

Incredible boot camp weekend training with Katie and the team at Apex. Thoroughly inspiring and enjoyable despite the early start! 
Will defiantly be back for more.
Thank you all!

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